Top 10 Reasons

It's not easy to trust someone you don't know, so we put together some reasons why we think you'll love us and what we can do for your organization. Here’s 10 of the many reasons to choose
Core Data Source as your trusted data provider:

  1. Quality data coverage.

    Core Data Source is committed to acquiring and delivering high quality data you need. Our database accesses more criminal records from more jurisdictions in the United States so that you can know with confidence that you are delivering a more comprehensive and robust instant criminal background.

  2. We're faster.

    Decision making in today’s marketplace is as fast as data delivery. Without instant access to quality information, your customers cannot compete. We deliver our data to you at industry ranking speeds. With Core Data Source at the helm to reduce your downtimes and delays, you will take the lead over your competitors.

  3. We reduce false positives for your customers.

    Too many records returned simply means frustration for your customer. With our standard data matching tools and technology in place, we help you reduce the number of false positives which in turn saves your customer time and money. Interested in additional, more sophisticated matching tools? Be sure to ask your customer service representative about our newly designed and developed SmartScreen™ product offerings.

  4. Customized data results.

    Tired of spending your time and money interpreting reports for your customers? Every jurisdiction offers a different "criminal rap sheet" with nuances and terms unique to themselves. Core Data Source steps in to unify the disparate languages of the various jurisdictions, and to deliver one simple data report with just the information you and your customer need. Have a customer with a customized request? No problem, we can help you adjust to their needs!

  5. Cutting-edge delivery methods.

    Our state-of-the-art XML platform expedites searches and returns results in record breaking speeds. Customized queries and data priorities are available to meet your customer’s needs.

  6. Easy-to-use reports.

    Our standardized proprietary report format is designed to combine data from hundreds of unique datasets and deliver it in a format that is easy for you and your customer to read. From our data filtering services to our workflow priority reporting, you and your customer will get the most readily available data in a friendly format.

  7. You are a priority to us.

    Without you, we would not exist. Our commitment to serving your needs and building you up to be a success is at the core of our mission. Core Data Source puts you and your customers first.

  8. We offer you professionalism and privacy.

    Our commitment is to you. Confidentiality is at the core of our business. Whether it is maintaining confidentiality about a consumer’s private information or respecting the confidentiality about our customer’s competitive moves, we take seriously our commitment to you. Unduplicated professionalism and respect is at the hallmark of the Core Data Source team.

  9. Compliance training and additional business resources.

    Data may be at the core of your business, but data delivered in a non-compliant way can destroy your business. Turn to the compliance and best practice professionals you can trust at Core Data Source to best understand your compliance obligations and needs.

  10. Experience you can trust.

    Our team knows what it takes to deliver quality products and services. Gaining the competitive advantage and differentiating yourself in the marketplace can make or break you. Our professional information brokers, customer service representatives and technology team collectively have nearly 40 years of experience in the information delivery industry. Need to better understand what it takes to compete? Rest assured that our team will do what it takes to give you what you need to succeed.

For more information about how your organization can benefit from our services, contact us today.

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