What We Do:

As a national wholesale criminal data provider we supply our clients with a competitive advantage by providing “best in organization” customer service, economical bundled solutions, long-standing client relationships, and a reputation as a trusted provider and systems expert. By anticipating your needs we are able to analyze and deliver information that is critical for managing risks.

Our servers and IT infrastructure as part of our Data Center ensure the highest level of uptime and network performance critical for your business. Not only is our data of the highest of quality, we also offer a variety data hosting services for your business.

If you are having to research data quality every day for your customers, you need to reconsider your data source. Data is at the core of your business, so choose the best source—Core Data Source.

We Specialize In:


  • National Criminal
  • Statewide Criminal
  • Sex Offender
  • Most Wanted
  • Eviction
  • International Criminal
  • SSN Trace
  • Address History


  • County Criminal
  • Smart Search™
  • Federal Pacer

Discover The Advantage

High Quality Data
Quality is the essential characteristic needed in the highly competitive marketplace of screening and information delivery. With quality data from Core Data Source you can help your clients make objective decisions and take prudent business risks.

Our data is FCRA compliant and is available to you upon request with state specific compliance filters customized for you and appropriate to the industry you serve.

With our sophisticated cutting-edge matching technology designed to hone in on the information that is really needed, we streamline the screening process for you and your customer.

Improved Reporting
Our reports are designed with clients in mind. We offer our proprietary simplified reporting format that is easy to read and simple to use. With emphasis in the right places, you and your client will have no trouble identifying key information that impacts their decision making.

Our products offer you the freedom to filter results and suppress unneeded information, so that you stand ready to deliver to your customer just what they need.

Your customers will love the ease of interpreting your report and making their decision.

Efficient & Robust Data Handling
In the competitive marketplace of screening, every second counts. We have assembled and packaged our data sets to ensure efficient and secure delivery in record times with accurate results.

Our HR-XML designed platform and data delivery solution expedites our data returns to you—customized to your liking. We go beyond using typical criminal record identifying information (name and date of birth) by implementing more sophisticated matching tools.

What does that mean to you? Quick returns, improved matching, fewer false positives, and less service calls and questions.

Trusted Security & Advanced Technology
Our commitment to data security and protection of privacy is unmatched. We deliver excellence and we stay abreast of ever changing industry standards, and as a result we strive to meet or exceed industry best practices.

From our data encryption and encoding, to our sophisticated network security practices, we stand ready to provide you a stable platform that is designed to protect the data we receive and deliver to you.

Compliance Options
Our commitment to compliance excellence is made available to you. Whether you want us to process your FCRA 613 notices or help to deliver your manual searches, we stand ready to help you meet your compliance needs.

Bottom Line Results for You
Our efficiencies free you up to focus on creating new revenue. Spend less time answering service calls and more time gaining customers.

For more information about how your organization can benefit from our services, contact us today.

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